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Apr 18, 2019

Author of Blue Lake, a fascinating history of Dudley Flats, and if you've never heard of Dudley Flats, all the more reason to tune in.

Nov 23, 2018

Julian Costanzo (Producer) and Sara Edwards (Editor) are the team behind Gatwick: Last Chance Hotel

Showbiz veteran Kevin Trask talks about his lifelong love of movies.

Nov 20, 2018

Have you got your tickets yet?

Oct 5, 2018

Music video maestro Mulcahy discusses his 40 year career which includes Razorback and Highlander.

Greg Dee, former manager of Channel 31, talks about his years at Swinburne film school and his trailblazing short "George and Needles". Plus a letter from Los Angeles with Stephen Vagg.


Sep 14, 2018

50th edition Brendan Young / Burt Reynolds